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Released on March 2018
Released on March 2018
Released On August 2017
Number 2 At Box Office
Released on September 2017
Best Cinematography FFB Winner
Released on December 2017
Released On September 2016
Smashes all time Indonesian Box Office Records
Released on May 2016
Number 3 at Box Office
Released On July 2016
Number 12 at Box Office
Released on March 2016
Number 8 at Box Office
Released on December 2015
Number 9 at Box Office
Falcon launches Klikfilm :
an application and portal
with hundreds of movies
Walisongo Graphic Novel
Wizzy, the musical sensation
Comic 8 sequel breaks
the record in its first day
Laura wins in IMA
A Musical bravura
Love Story: High School
Comic 8: Platformer