Falcon Pictures

Falcon Pictures is a contemporary movie studio that produces and invests in an average of 10 films a year.
Falcon Pictures is an advocate of classic Indonesian films and has bough the rights to 215 classic films and so far has restored half of them back to mint condition.
Some of the magnum opuses of Indonesian cinema is currently being remade.

Current Production

Genre : Drama Comedy
Best seller
Jomblo, a love comedy about a group of 4 guys and the choices they make in their love lives.
Genre : Drama Mistery
A dark and dangerous secret latches beneath every one of us. This is a chronicle of a family and all that went horribly wrong in one rainy night.
Indonesia release soon.
Genre : Drama
Best seller
A collection of short stories by Umar Kayam.
Production 2018.
Genre : Animation Comedy
An animated feature movie of the Si Juki comic book.
Soon 2017.
Genre : Action Thriller
Best seller
A thriller about the pursue of VOC's hidden treasure beneath the Jakarta Museum, with the backdrop of Gandhi murder conspiracy.
Mid of 2018.
Genre : Period Drama
International Best seller
The author was imprisoned for 17 years because of his writings, and this book was banned in Indonesia in 1980 by the Attorney General. The author was nominated for Noble Prize.
End of 2017.
Genre : Action Super Hero
Legendary Comic
A fight against injustice. A martial arts flick with contemporary Tarantino-style production.
Beginning of 2018.
Genre : Drama
Best Seller
Genre : Drama
Best seller
After being released in 2015, novel 'Dilan: Dia Adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990' is still a hot topic amongst the youngsters.